Focus Mango

Mango’s due date nears! I think there are contractions! And as anyone expecting a new little one does, I feel the need to make something for Mango. (Also I need more yarn and need to get to the right store. Hopefully today.)

OK. Not so much the need to accessorize, the need to cover up that I can not get her head not to wobble. My mistake I am sure. As she is now, she looks drunk. Some say it is fine, almost cute. Others say it may scare a child. So a scarf is in the works. I hope the bulk will correct my error because I am happy with the rest of my work, except what ever I did to make her unstable. (I have several ideas, but again, I don’t want to start correction. I fear it would be like our home remodeling where one small change resulted in a whole new family room, breakfast nook, kitchen and making a bath and a half into one.)

So I was up earlier than usual. I had gone to sleep having ripped out 3 attempts. As I fell asleep I thought, a bias strip. Hoping to fight off a migraine i head to the tub, ever hopeful, I grabbed my needles and yarn from the bed side. am super happy to report that my Bryson needles and Spud and Chloe sweater were not impacted by the humidity. :). But, I was not happy with my bias scarf. I thought maybe it was needle size. So happily my Nantucket Bagg was bedside. Bigger needles await. But Mango is already on US 7 and I am not very fond of much bigger than a 9. Wait, my beloved DyakCraft hook smiles at me. Maybe it’s a sign.

I start to try a triangle shawl. I can get it flat but it isn’t even. This is no good. I go for a motif book but that won’t do it either. Then my trusty iPad and Google. I am off and running with a triangle version of a Granny square when husband comes in from the barn.

After we discuss his morning we discuss mine. Well that I think Mango needs a scarf, should it be a solid color? (He cares a lot about that having worked for 4 1/2 hours already.). And good news I found a pattern online.

To which he said ‘for a Giraffe scarf?’

I hope you get to knit or crochet something today that brings you joy!

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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