Random thoughts all night long

I think maybe once I left Ravelry all my random thoughts get together and multiply.  These are a few of my current thoughts.

I like to add a picture with my posts.  Mostly because it adds interest if you check the blog from an iPad. I am waiting for an order of DyakCraft dpn and that got me thinking how I could improve my picture of the tips.  My post from ages ago about points gets some of the most hits to the blog.

I kind of feel badly about that because while I love the needles, my photo skills are limited.  I have never been so interested in taking a good picture of needles that I would try to set up my light box, tripod, and lights used when I tried to get good pictures of my beads.   Maybe that’s not accurate.  I guess if I could get a great picture, I might go to those lengths.

But if you happened to be around my old site (Baubles by Nancy) you know my pictures weren’t particularly good.  And that was when I was show casing my works.  Now I am just a happy customer.  Actually that kind of makes a difference to me.  It means more to me if an opinion is from people spending their money.  Not someone who is sent free product to review, etc.  But that’s just me.

With that in mind.  I thought I’d add this picture.  Maybe it removes the shadows.  I tried to be generous and the Brittany needles are a US 1, while the others are a 1 1/2.  The tapers are all different.  I like the points on both the Signatures and the DyakCraft.  But I don’t like the colors or grooves in the Signatures.  I don’t like the sound they make.  Maybe one day they will offer the choice.  Till then, I’ll hope for DyakCraft metal dpn and love their existing laminates.  I think the reason I am drawn to metal needles is I can’t help but feel over time wood, laminate, softer needles eventually wear down.  But I’m not sure they do.  Maybe the needles I used to use, were just that blunt.  There is still the bath tub, humidity issue.  But for the most part my DyakCraft stand me well there.  I guess I’ve just read people say they prefer metal needles and I used to use metal needles so I still wonder. 😉

I know a lot of people find pointy needles split the yarn more.  I think that is super important to consider if you don’t like splity yarn.  I just use yarn that is tightly spun.

I’ve been super busy making baby socks, my flying pig, finishing Mango, tinkering with some design modifications for baby socks, baby booties and thinking of a baby sweater and afghan.  No we aren’t expecting a little one.  Mostly it is my interest in making small preferably pink projects.  But also several friends are going to be grandmas so I will have a little something to gift their new additions.

I have been looking for a Koigu baby blanket pattern I am just positive I bought.  But of course I can’t put my fingers on it.  I am also considering a granny square or motif with Cascade Sport Weight.  But do new moms like granny squares?  Are they into no holes?  Are granny square retro or old fashioned?

I’ve got more ideas for my wind chimes.  Except I think they will be a wind noise maker.  Seems if you want to make wind chimes you should think of which chord you want to use, possibly a song, and carefully recreate that.  I had in mind using glass.  And that’s not going to be in a particular tune.

I am also kicking around a few Purdue themed stepping stones for a couple Purdue grads dear to me.  But I can’t decide if I should make them refined or traditional.  Meaning should they look like a refined window or should they be pieces of glass?  This decision gets me to colors.  I close my eyes and I wander to a Spring Festival of color.  I can not think of a way to combine the two.  So I pick up my knitting.

Last, I’ll give a shout out to all of you who look me up from the Ravelry people search.  If you want don’t hesitate to e-mail me.  nancyknitsoften  at gmail.  🙂

Told you this was random.  Knit….or crochet on!

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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