When Pigs Fly

I have a new project. I’m making the flying pig. Currently it is a really fun stress reliever.



I have done one other balloon animal but with worsted weight. It was lots of fun, but I really enjoy fingering weight yarn. So the other day I bit the bullet and bought the whole pattern booklet. As I said I am really enjoying it. I have a nice assortment of solid Koigu yarn so I added a nearly white fine Spud and Chloe for the wings and I’m off and knitting. (Literally still in the store, thanks to having taken my Koigu solids and my dpn all neatly tucked inside my new bag.) Now I wonder which pink to use for the nose. It was going to be the darker pink, but I wonder about the raspberry.

Now the bad news. I admit, I don’t know how many other patterns I’ll make. But when do I stay on a path I laid out? I’m not sure the specific yarns are still available so the cute little variegated patterns done from specific yarn, probably won’t be available. But that’s not important for my pig. 🙂

Last, I think I will have a new standard I will add to my opinion of patterns. My (personal) technology rating. This pattern would get a unfriendly to technology rating. I think the beauty of this series of patterns is the folder and cards. You work part of the instructions on the left, and refer to those on the right. I don’t see a productive time effective way to scan them and use them. I’m not sure there is even a way I could have bought a digital copy and used it effectively on my iPad.

I’ve also worked on 3 new baby booties. I should take a picture. Maybe I’ll get them all loaded later today.

Hope you’ve had fun knitting projects. I sure have.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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