New Day, New Bag



I go to sleep every night excited that when I wake there will be a brand new day.   Today’s new day meant going to get the farm truck serviced.  I had knitting in my little knitting bag.  Enough to keep me busy a bit.  I left my iPad behind because it didn’t fit in that bag, and I didn’t want to carry a purse, knitting and my iPad.  After all, I wasn’t moving in.

I sat down, got comfortable and started to knit.  No pattern.  Was I to  repeat to 28 or 24 stitches?  Darn it.  Next project.  Darn it, I lost a needle.  I fiddle with starting a hat.  This new yarn and these needles aren’t friends.  Next, I try a preemie hat.  It would work with yarn/needles I had but would be better on different needles.  How did I mess up my bag so badly?  Why didn’t I grab the pattern, or the iPad, or extra needles?

I visited for a bit and my vehicle was done early.   Great news.  So I head out and my husband says there is a package in the mail.  My cousin sent me a Nantucket Bagg!  She was at a Garden show and thought of me.  I am feeling blessed to have someone think of me and send me something.  Then, I start putting the bag together.  How cool is this.  There is room for all my cigar tubes and Blue Sky Alpaca tubes.  (And the plastic boxes that hold even more needles)  No more wishing I had a size bigger.  🙂  This bag has so many options.  It will hold the iPad next time.  And several projects worth of yarn.

Of course it is the perfect color and goes with two other totes to carry large quantities of yarn.  And my two small bags for that random sock.  I am so excited I had to share it.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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2 Responses to New Day, New Bag

  1. Jacki says:

    Because you can never have too many bags of knitting… 😉

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