Needles needed

I was online to order needles and crochet hooks today. Instead I am so excited to see what DyakCraft is developing. Of course, the rest of the Ravelry knitting world might know. That’s ok, I will wait and see.

So, I bet you think I will go on and on about how I think these are the only needles I use. Wrong. I have many other brands and depending on what is on needles, handy or that I own, I use most of them. (Except, I own a set of Signatures, which I do not like.)

Which brings me to why I was looking for needles this morning. I was looking for a better needle for knitting in the bathtub. My DyakCraft are good, but I don’t have this size in dpn. My Blue Sky Alpacas or Bryson rosewood are what I have tried instead. But something about that level of humidity and they feel almost tacky. Not truly harming the finish, but the slickness changes and I feel like I am knitting against the grain. I knew this because it has happened before, so usually I just knit socks in the tub. But lately I have been enjoying preemie and baby gift knitting and much of that is on a size 4 and up.

Good news I did order a set of 4-9 dpn but I don’t know if there is a wait or not. But I am sure they will be here by swimming pool knitting season. 🙂

So, any bathtub/hot tub knitters with needle suggestions?

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4 Responses to Needles needed

  1. I enjoy reading about your quest for needles. I am always looking for a 8 inch straight wood needles. They can be hard to find.

    • Just Nancy says:

      That’s part of my quest. I am always on the look out for either a 4″ or 5″ dpn. That’s how I found DyakCraft. I didn’t like the ones I was using and at the time they were the only other ones I could find. Then I found out they do custom requests and order (then custom) 4″.

      Sadly Mango is still pending. Happily though I will soon have a full choice of needles for my next one. 🙂

  2. awarpedknitter says:

    Knitting!?…in the bathtub!? Thank you for the Monday morning chuckle and good luck on your quest.

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