Mayhem in my Mind

At least it seems like mayhem in my mind.

We drove to Southern Indiana yesterday and back. I had great hopes for baby socks and a hat. I drove halfway so no knitting then. I focused on wind chime designs and the thought of getting a new puppy. Then after dinner I got out my knitting. But I am such a space, I forgot the bright yellow Fixation for the hat. Worse, I took every other color to possibly use for the hat, but was pretty sure the bright yellow would be best.

So I got out the socks I had finished before leaving. Just in time to Kitchener the toe. I broke the yarn, threaded the needle and crud. I hadn’t decreased for the toe. So, I rejoined the yarn and proceeded. But I’m not sure I like that the toes are off. (Variegated pink Fixation) I could knit a third that doesn’t quite match and the mom could have a spare mismatched start from the beginning. Or, I may pitch it and knit a closer match. Or, stall long enough that I have to just gift them as is.

I usually make North Country Cotton newborn socks. Image

For some reason I took along my copy of Cute Knits for Baby Feet and thought I should try the Socks in a Box. It got late so I set it aside. This morning I picked it up as we drove. I hit a knot. So that got ripped out and I started over. I’m funny about joins in baby socks. They are what 700 stitches total? (Max.) Why not have them be as close to perfect as possible? So I cast on again. Well it seems the new heel left a gap.

Now we stop along the way for some business. While husband did that, I place a call to our dog trainer. Now my mind is on a new puppy. šŸ™‚ Husband is done, I admit to my call and we discuss my new topic. šŸ™‚

He asks how so many things bounce around in my head. So, now I admit to my wind chime interest. We discuss that a bit. Laugh about adding knitting in my thoughts and I pick up my yarn again. I didn’t have it in me to mention what was going around in my head about online knitting resources. I am really pleased to know how many Ravlery friends I made. I knew we talked, pm’d but I didn’t know how many would write me and read here. Thank you. I miss you. But not the Ravlery politics. Apparently I’m just too big of a rule breaker. Or my new interest in Craftsy. I know it was mentioned on Ravelry when it first started. It was mostly poo pooed by the why would we want anything other than Ravelry crowd. Well, I have to say, it appears to be a nice pattern option to add to my list. Plus the online classes the offer. I hope more designers look there. But while interesting to me, I was at risk of loosing his attention, because how interesting is another knitting site to my guy?

So, while we talk, I cast on another sock. As I get to the heel we are on the south edge of Indy and approaching lunch hour. I try to get through the heel as I help watch traffic. Second try, third try. About now, something falls from an over pass and makes a loud noise when it hits the roof of the truck. I’m at my fourth attempt and I loose my place again so I quit trying. Too confusing while driving. He laughs and suggest maybe it isn’t the driving but my skills. But I blame it on the driving. šŸ˜‰

So I cast on another sock while texting the kids about the puppy. Lunch in Fort Wayne, puppy discussion, wind chimes on my mind, and no knitting to show. Tonight is Monday night tv night and I will be working on that different (to me) heel.

Anyone with a favorite newborn baby sock or heel? Or use Craftsy much? Or leave Ravlery?

That’s the quick version of the Mayhem in my Mind. Hope your Monday is Mayhem free.


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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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2 Responses to Mayhem in my Mind

  1. I hate when I get so far into a project and realize I’ve made a mistake! You did a great job on those little socks!

    • Just Nancy says:

      Thanks. That’s my standard pattern. It was actually the pattern I made for my first sock. But the others are a wrap and turn heel and I had a big hole. šŸ˜¦ Maybe tonight.

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