All Fired Up!

No, not a rant.  In fact, not a single negative wave.

I was in a garden center yesterday and became inspired to make a wind chime.  I know I can do the beads, I have not located the rest of the materials for the design I have in mind.  Each time I sat down to work on Mango yesterday, my mind wandered.  So, today I solved that.  I headed to my torch.  The first three attempts were usable but not what I had in mind.  The last one I worked on I have great hope will be a nice off mandrel pendant for the bottom.  I am super excited.

The afternoon I will spend a bit getting ready for the weekend and working on Mango.  I’m still just as excited with him as I was.  But I will admit I am wondering what other toys would be fun to knit and cute as a baby gift.  Or maybe just a sweater pattern.  Or a sunhat.  Wonder if newborns wear that type of hat?

See, I told you I tend to be a one and done person.  What are you working on today?  Hope it has you all fired up. 😉

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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