Loving Life

We live in an amazing time. Tuesday I e-mailed the yarn store that  I was out of lavender and didn’t have time to make it to the store.  Natalie shipped my request.   It arrived yesterday.  This is why like independent yarn stores.

Today I stand in my kitchen, typing on my iPhone, getting ready to take a pix and post it here.  Amazing.

I also think about keeping ties to the past.  I often think of people of the past.  At the moment, I wonder what they would have thought of our plentiful choices in yarn, needles/hooks, patterns.

Perhaps they wouldn’t have been interested in the tools or patterns.  I imagine they honed ones that fit their needs.  And I long to have some of those patterns lovingly passed on through generations.  But the yarn.  While they might have preferred what they had, they surely would have been intrigued by our choices.  If  not amazed.  And that if they wanted patterns they could turn to a store, magazine, iPad, phone, etc.  Surely that would amaze.

So here is my yarn full circle.  I am back at my laptop, adding the tags I forgot to add.   I hope to finish at least Mango’s other leg as soon as I cake up the yarn.  If I’m not off helping husband get the oats drilled.  (That’s what slowed me down yesterday too.)  But I had a sock to keep me occupied in the corner of the field. 😉

Hope your fiber amazes you today!



About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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