Mango Madness

No, not frustration.  Like March Madness  (remember our favorite team is out, but I am going with that theme) i.e. fixation, excitement, joy.

If you aren’t familiar with Mango here is the link.  If I was more familiar with WordPress, I’d have my pages grouped by theme, or include the link as a hyperlink so you could click on Mango.  But we all know the adage about old dogs and new tricks.  So, I press on. 😉

I wrote Mango’s creator with the handy e-mail addy on the pattern.  The next morning in my inbox was a helpful response and a link.  The link confirmed I was on track, so I improvised.  My biggest problem was the introduction of the new colors.  Not up the line.  So I got that covered.  But I have also gotten an e-mail with another suggestion which I will try for the arms.  I have to say, this is the most help I have gotten with questions on a pattern purchased online.   Prompt, helpful, and follow up.  With an offer of additional help if I needed it.  To me it was above and beyond and I am thankful.  For the answers and the chance to try a new technique to see which works best for me.

My usual experience is a promise to answer, a promise of a link, etc.  and then nothing.  (Several times on Ravelry.)  Or just no response at all.  So long story short I will not hesitate to buy from this designer again.

Now for Mango’s due date.  I am still getting along with my shrinking ball of OC on the leg.  I expect to make it through one leg.  I have more yarn being sent.  I was going to drive to the store, but spring on the farm gets busy and so I asked them to mail it to me.  Hopefully it will arrive and then I expect Mango to come together quickly.  I am super excited and off to knit.

Hope your needles hold as much as excitement as mine.

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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