Monday morning

It is a beautiful morning on the farm. March madness is over for our favorite team, so we think of new things of interest. For me, this morning I have knitting on my mind. :gasp: 😉

I didn’t go to sleep till the middle of the night. I don’t knit late at night. Sometimes I text with my daughter, e-mail or play on my iPad and I used to post or look at patterns or yarn usually on Ravelry. Spring on the farm is not time to think of buying new yarn, so I stuck to mindless games.

I must have been mulling something over in my mind. As soon as I woke up I started thinking about my pair of  Turkish bed socks.   I am nearly done and I find it lackluster. Partly I fear to my knitting skills. I know I should wear them and decide what I think of them. But I had them in mind for gifts. Specifically family in warmer climates. So, instead I am thinking about a sock design for my daughter in Texas. (basic footsie, but I haven’t seen it in sock weight yarn)  I may do one to wear with a Turkish Bed Sock to compare.

Mango waits for me to buy more yarn. I don’t know the gestation for a knit giraffe but I eagerly await that ultrasound confirming his due date. I feel the anticipation build and know we are over half way there. I will be restarting his leg. I wasn’t happy with the quality of my work. If it doesn’t improve this time I will stripe them in a smaller stripe or make them solid. He is far too cute and far too well designed to have poorly made limbs.

My delimma is this, finish him because I can’t stand seeing his unstuffed body not come to life ASAP or do him the justice he deserves with cute limbs. I have a history of being a one and done gal. Other than socks, gloves and preemie hats, I rarely make the same pattern twice. But I plan multiple Mango gifts. I think he is that cute and that well designed. So I am torn. Anyone with suggestions? Advice? (Remember my gmail is nancy knits often if you want to comment off this blog.)  And if you haven’t seen him here is Mango’s home.  If you want to have him come live with you too.

Stay tuned. I promise pictures when he is done. Till then enjoy the week and knit/crochet often!


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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