Gads a rant

Out of yarn and out of ideas. I was afraid Thursday I would be short on yarn for Mango. Friday was busy and it looked like I’d go to the yarn store on Saturday. Saturday was just to beautiful and I didn’t make the drive. Now I am to a golf ball size ball of yarn holding my breathe till the store opens on Tuesday. Yikes. So I consider casting on again. But what to make. Darn it. No ideas. I’m looking online but it is such a vast sea.

One thing that always concerned me about pattern downloads at Ravelry was what if access to Ravelry was gone. It could be your internet is down. Or like me walking away. Or being banned. My first choice is a yarn store. Then I feel more comfortable asking for help with the pattern. The great stores I have access to, would probably help with any pattern. But I don’t feel right expecting them to read through a pattern they aren’t familiar with.

That will leave other online sources. I know of most of the free sites, but what about the boom in small designers. I know one source of patterns is KnitPicks. I’m sure I’ll look there on occasion. I don’t dislike KnitPicks. I am the odd person that was told off by customer service, so I won’t buy anything that would require calling them. I also don’t buy their needles as long as I can afford the original laminates from DyakCraft.

Most know my reasons on that, but they include my choice to buy American made and from an artist as long as I can. Also, KnitPicks taking legal action trying to make it so DyakCraft had to quit producing what DyakCraft made before KnitPicks started to offer them. There are others, but that’s not the point of my post. But while I’m at it, as for the product, I’ve seen them side by side. I have friends who use them. The main differences are visible when ordering. Meaning length, color, etc. If you like one, great. If you like the other, awesome. So, that said, for me ordering patterns would be the same. I’d probably go ahead and download a pattern that I would have bought from Ravelry.

Now then, I love how Mango is working up. I want to point out this great designer. I plan on buying several more patterns. Blueberry the Moose and Pears the Elephant. I am also a big Mochimochi fan. I have both books. There are some free patterns and singles designs on the site not in the books. I have at least 6 printed patterns by Churchmouse. I will be watching their site. Spud and Chloe online bailed me out when I was in Texas without my Seeing Stars pattern

Other companies I own and will look to Knitting at Noon Kalmazoo Knits Mary Jane’s Tea Room (but these are knit flat and seamed)

I have looked at Petite Purls, but not made anything yet. JellyBum doesn’t list size. I can tell if they are more like Mochimochi or toy size but I admire them.

But I admit. I had way more than that in favorites. So I’m searching. Currently I need baby gift ideas. But I also look for other patterns.

Do you have any favorite designers? I’d love to hear your list. Till then I’m off to my binders. 🙂

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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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