Candy Bear

I admit the reason I don’t finish much is I start way too much. Today I have cast on Candy Bear. I love the color of the yarn. Chocolate Milk by Spud and Chloe. The name seems perfect for a dairy farmer to use and the color is great for a bear.

On a less happy note, I thought it was worked in the round. It is not. It is also done with light worsted on US 3s. So far not loving that. Time will tell if that changes. Last gumble is all the seaming that will be required, and the suggestion of using an iron to finish seams. Not sure I have a working iron.

But Candy’s foot is cast on. I’m going to see how far I get. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m back. And wondering which yarn I bought with Candy in mind. Two legs into the project, I realized the Spud and Chloe is the wrong weight. (yes, I can be slow.). It dawned on me when I was rapidly using up yarn and started wondering why I hadn’t bought more.

Turns out I bought this yarn to make a Mango the Giraffe. So. tomorrow I will be casting on Mango.

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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