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I bought a new pattern to make a baby gift. I got home and am super excited to see it includes a 4 pound size. I will be making both a newborn and preemie sizes soon. I am super excited to see things offered that are appropriate for these small birth weight babies.

I had asked a while ago at Ravelry why so many things popped up in a preemie search. I was told it was because preemies come in so many sizes. Sure. From micro to less than say 8 pounds. There were patterns that said they worked for any size garment. Sure, works for. But a preemie pattern? At risk preemies shouldn’t have a bunch of cables or baubles. It can indent their delicate skin.

I honestly think designers do it to get extra exposure. So for me it was a really nice surprise that it was there.

I have to say though more and more that’s what Ravelry is about. Promoting designers, keeping the business of Ravelry going, and being excellent. But to me excellence means just that. Be excellent. Take a stand volunteer editors. A preemie pattern should be for low birthweight/born preterm babies. Usually not the same design you would also make for a 2 year old.

But then someone requested a tag for stillborn and others said that was too grotesque, too upsetting to stumble upon, no different than finding something to bury Grandpa in. Far from excellent for those who have had to deal with such a loss to have to read (in my opinion.)

But my response to what I thought was one fairly unfeeling post got me banned from the thread.

I still have my Ravelry account, but I really doubt I am going back. If you haven’t already corresponded with me, let me know and I’ll share. But it isn’t really worth a bunch of time. I was warned in pms about a couple mods. I just forgot. Oh well.

Instead my progress on my newest sweater will be posted here when I cast on. And my current Damson shawl. And things from the new book All You Knit is Love. And so many others, some on my needles, some in my mind.

I am considering writing down a few patterns I make. So perhaps one day there will be a design category.

So Knit On everyone. And let me know what you are working on. I enjoy the comments and the e-mails. Thanks for your support.


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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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2 Responses to Patterns and projects

  1. Laura says:

    Hi Nancy! Just felt the need to reach out to you after seeing the drama on Rav. I’m chixdilla on Rav, and I followed your posts in the Labadore group. I also read your post on one of the threads in which you were blocked, and I was really upset about it! I thought it was really unfair that they felt the need to block you. I almost contacted the mods myself! I still like reading through the forums, but I rarely participate in the discussions anymore because you never know when you’re going to say something wrong. Either the mods get upset, or people jump down your throat for no reason. Anyway, just wanted to say that I understand your frustration, and I will miss seeing your posts!

    • Just Nancy says:

      Hi Laura! Thanks so much for leaving a message. I have been contacted by more people than I thought saying similar things about that thread, and mods. Unfortunately from another experience I know I have no recourse on the matter. Unless the mod in question changes their mind, it stands.

      I kind of feel like I want to post all about my feelings on that site, but if I did and I ever do want to go back I would probably not be allowed to. I know there are 2 million registered users so they can not discuss each decision and felt they came up with a good way to keep things on track. But the announcements are so vague.

      I thought I was helping explain why I thought a stillborn tag was important. And I am sorry, but needing something for a stillborn baby is not uncaring or grotesque. Nor is it the same as wanting to make something to bury grandpa in. I’d best stop myself now. I am sure my day will be far more productive knitting than voicing my opinions of what is now the business of Ravelry.

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