Another lost needle story

It comes as no shock I like my DyakCraft needles. The points are deceptively sharp. (I swear they are as pointy on the same size needle as my Signature stiletto, which I do not like at all. But I keep hoping to find their strengths.)

My two prior stories of a needle in my leather car seat and shoved 2 1/2″+ into my hip have been posted here and on Ravelry.

Last night I had yet another needle story. We had driven to South Bend. I knit a bit, then had to get out my iPad to help with directions to dinner. As navigator I left my knitting on the floor. We were early so we picked a store to browse and stall. Back in the car but thought I should keep an eye on the iPad as we drove back to our reservations. Then after dinner it was too dark to knit.

Arriving home I grabbed my iPad, knitting, and purse. Inside I noticed 1/3 of the stitches had no needle. It wasn’t in the ball nor on the floor. I continued to backtrack beginning to worry about the fate of my needle.

I found it, caught on a tiny fiber in the floor mat. The rest of the needle was wedged and pressed flat into the carpet. I pulled it out, less attached than I thought. Just the tip caught in the fiber. It released and was soon back, unharmed, holding the stitches.

of the floor mat.


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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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