Antique Glasses

I’m hoping to learn the pattern or type of each of these glasses. The red one is smooth at the rim and appear to have partly melted glass (frit) on the outside along with the texture.

The blue one appears to have have the texture at the rim. Those aren’t nicks. Those grooves continue down on the outside of the glass.

(I think I know how I might be able to improve my pictures.  I’ll try again next clear day.  And maybe I can find a tripod.)

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2 Responses to Antique Glasses

  1. awarpedknitter says:

    It’s called crackle or craquelle glass. Originally made in Venice in the 16th-17th centuries but here in the states starting in the 30’s. Never collected glass so I don’t pay much attention to it but I know I”ve seen price guides for it. Have you tried at the library?
    I love the rich red color of the red one.

    • Just Nancy says:

      Thank you. I don’t really care what it is, but I need to know as I try to find another glass. Both my kids remember the blue one from their childhood. If I can find another I’ll give them each one.

      Thanks for the info. I’ve done enough glasswork I think I can identify if I’m looking at similar, but I’m not into lengthy antique shopping. I may try eBay. (Try, not sure I trust it for this.)

      I like the red one too. I remember that one from when I was younger. 😉

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