Needles to love

I was asked on Ravelry about DyakCraft tips. I thought maybe a scan of some needles might help someone. My scanner isn’t the best, because I can tell the colors are off.

Left to right: Rosewood, I think Lantern Moon,  DyakCraft, Takari Clover (these are US 7s) and then a sock size Signature Needle Stiletto tip.  I see the difference to my eye, in real life but can’t quite show a good example with my tools.

Here is a picture of 7 needles.  On the left, a DyakCraft 8, the Rosewood 8, DyakCraft 6, Clover Takumi 7, DyakCraft 5,4, Signature  1 1/2.

I own many brands of needles.  I think it is easier to list the ones I know of that I haven’t tried yet in one form or another:  Knitters Pride, KnitPro, KnitPicks, Blackthorne, Spanish Peacock, Indian Lakes Artisans, that I know of.

I believe all needles have pros and cons.  I put a priority on American made.  As long as I can afford them, I will buy them.  I also like a 5″ dpn.  Not everyone offers that.  I found DyakCraft before I saw KnitPicks. (Possibly before KnitPicks offered laminates.  I’m not sure.)  I have a friend who loves KnitPicks.  To my eye they are quite lovely.  She hasn’t had quality control issues with hers.  So that is great.

I had issues with their customer service being rude.  I also don’t like the notion of trying to keep others from selling similar needles. (As in filing a lawsuit.).  Add to that, I love the needles I have used, and I don’t think I will try KnitPicks ever.

KnitPro and Knitters Pride are made of the same basic laminate. Plywood sealed together with a resin.  Laminates are awesome.  I don’t know about these specific needles as they aren’t American made.

I will be trying the Indian Lake Artisans and Spanish Peacock as soon as possible.  I keep meaning to order.  And probably the Stealth needles as well.  And other artist made needles as I find them.

If you have any questions let me know.  I hope we can all love our tools.

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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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