Preemie knitting

Preemie knitting is important to me. I don’t get as much done as I wish I did but I always have a bag of hats in the works for hospitals. I hit patches of frustration when donating because many groups never respond.  I prefer donate locally or to hospitals not supplied by larger groups.  Babies at smaller hospitals need hats too.   But the staff there isn’t any better at confirming the items were received.

I try to fill the need as requested by preemie parents about 5 years ago.  They are a bit stricter than some requirements listed online or in books.   They apply mostly for micro preemie.  Specifically for hats, no rolled brim or seam to crease baby’s skin. To me that is super important, because they were told it was super important.  Fiber is different depending where it is being sent.  Most US hospitals request acrylic that can be sanitized.

I have a new frustration. Searching for patterns at Ravelry, there is no guideline for the Preemie category. Felted booties, shoes in 3″ and up. Hats that would be too cumbersome for most to sleep in. With that in mind there are great sources available for all 3 sizes of preemie.

The books Early Arrivals. And web sites. Here is a short list that should help anyone looking for preemie knitting resources:


Most of these include information on donating, sewing, crochet, or even woodwork. There are many more pattern databases and groups forming. Angels4Preemies is one I plan to investigate soon.


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