Quest to find the best needle

Of course needle choice is super subjective. My preference is dpn for working in the round. I will gladly buy custom if they meet my needs.

My must haves are 5″ needles. I really dislike 6″ needles.

Nice points.


Color choice or a color I don’t find objectionable.

Last, this bugs me, don’t give the illusion your product is custom when it isn’t. Meaning, a couple small options doesn’t make for custom. To me, custom is you want 5″ size 8 instead of 6″? Sure, we’ll make it.

It is my goal to try all the dpns. I have some from Spanish Peacock I want to order and some day Stealth needles.

For now I have tried the obvious Clover, Brittany, Crystal Palace, Bates, Boye. Also Lantern Moon, DyakCraft, Hiya Hiya, Signatures, KA, Addi (Turbo/Lace but these are circs).

I would take pictures of the tips but honestly many I no longer have. I find my favorites are the DyakCraft. They are US made and custom. Warrantied as long as they are in business. Worth every penny.

Next choice for me is Blue Sky Alpacas. Nice needles. Slick, strong. Nice tin. Warrantied.

Next might be my Hiya Hiyas. I don’t like the tips. But they are slick and nice. Tips are better on their natural needles.

KA needles have been ok.

My Signature needles are my newest. I think this is about where they fall in my list of preferred needles. The points are nice and they are American made. I hate the ridges. Not just the slowing down of the yarn but the noise they make. And a slight vibration. I don’t like the color choices, or that many sizes only come in 6″.

My quest continues till I’ve tried them all.

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2 Responses to Quest to find the best needle

  1. awarpedknitter says:

    I agree about 5 inch DPs but I haven’t been as adventuresome as you have and have stuck with the Brittanys. I find that when the tips start to dull or when one edge becomes rough a touch of crocus cloth smooths them right out.
    Keep us apprised of your experiments and happy knitting in the new year!

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