Stretching it a bit

I’m hard at work on my blanket. It might not look like lots of progress but for me it is. I had to take out the last motif in this round. Move the new motif in to the second to the last spot and put one existing motif in the last spot to finish the row. That led me to look at my yarn and realize I am short one skein. I am so glad I bought it at an actual store. One that I can call, check to see if they have it. Even ask to hold it and they likely will. Guessing, I’ve never asked.

I was in town last week and super excited because a store posted online their new store was open. I wanted to check it out.  Who doesn’t check out all the yarn they can?  Well it is open for online orders. And shipping from the new showroom.  The showroom will be open one day a week after the 20th of this month.  I don’t consider this a store I’ll actually frequent.

I really feel my knitting is a luxury. But I don’t shop where stores think the luxury is me doing business with them. I’m not that demanding. Honest I’m not. But I don’t shop stores in homes. I don’t shop stores that regularly have their children in them. I don’t schedule shopping around crazy one or two day a week hours. I support full time stores because they support my shopping.

So if I do need that skein, I’ll zip to town tomorrow. Or call. And I’ll have yarn for an upcoming road trip. Hopefully when I return I’ll have progress on the blanket. 🙂


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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