Is that a tail?

Yes it is. A bazillion of them. I started weaving them all in, but find I am happier leaving row 4 and 5 left loose. So, I have gotten lazy and leave most of them to be woven in on our car drive to Texas and back.

In addition to my suggestion of tags with yarn attached to arrange colors, I suggest crocheting the first 3 rounds as you have time. Then you can add row 4 and 5, and join. I have taken it one step further and work rows 1-4 and the first few clusters of dc in row 5. If I have enough balls of color I leave the whole ball attached. If I need to I wind off a bit. That way I have a motif almost finished that can lay against the row before and see if I like the position. Even better, it means not holding the whole blanket as often. Key with the Indiana summer heat we’ve been having.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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