A month to open?

Seems like I am constantly amazed at yarn stores. I’ve vented about Stitches and Scones and why I won’t go back there. I’ve also mentioned Sarah Jane’s (I think). I’ve been watching Simply Socks postings on Ravelry and checked the blog. I really was in the mood to buy yarn for boot socks. Probably Lorna’s Laces Solemate, for 2 pairs of socks. And from the pictures I was sure I’d buy several more skeins. Husband was in the mood to take me. I’d been to all of the other area yarn stores recently, why not support each of them. (Correction, I missed the Valpo store which I do enjoy, and I hope to hit KnitStop next week.)

The blog said the store opened on July 26th. I was excited, till I read further and it talked about the opening to be determined. Someone at the local department store down SW said call. Maybe they are open before a ‘grand opening’. So I did. Nope. Opening August 20th. That is nearly a month to handle internet orders only.

I had no idea the yarn business is that good. Guess I’ll go support other stores.

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