Row 5

I thought it was time for another vote. Now I see the colors in question are already together.

I have a hard time being random. The first few rows I worked with my ball band method. I still use it if I tinker with the colors as I crochet. I’m still charting everything out but am amazed how often themes repeat. Good or bad, If I tinker with colors it will take forever because I just love playing with the colors. But even though I am clearly drawn to favorites, my random approach is still repeating colorways. If not charted out, this is the easiest way I found to plan colors.

As the blanket gets bigger, it is hard to track. And several colors are close in dark light. So I came up with this method. It gives me the chance to pull out the colors I’ve used to see what’s left. Or to place some together to see what I think. I did say I have trouble being random. 😉

Next time I think I would follow the pattern. At least if I wanted all the colors.

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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