4 Rows down

I love this pattern. There is enough variety to stay interested. It would go quicker if I had followed the pattern. Instead trying to stick to my plan, I have to rip out some motifs.

I was weaving in all ends as I went. So much prettier and reassuring that when I was done I’d be done. But this is quite fixable if you find a mistake. Leaving the ends loose means reusing the yarn if a correction is needed. So the end it shall be.

I am far enough along I am trying to avoid those mistakes.  Mistakes being too much color in the same place.  I’m using a spread sheet and plan each row.  Interestingly enough I can manage to duplicate the same colors in motifs.  This was supposed to be the next row.   See in the finished row, the motif with pink on the outside?   The next row, in a random pick in the spread sheet, I placed almost the same colors.

So for me it is a fine line between staying with where I randomly place the colors in the spread sheet and the original ‘plan’ of random placement but keeping a pink outer row motif from being too close to a pink outer row in the next row.  Trickiest part is with 11 colors each motif has 6 touching.  That means 7 of the colors are in play at one time.  The ‘plan’ is taking a bit, but I think I’m coming close to the goal.

Here is the start of row 5.  I think the 5th one shown needs to move down the line.  See what I mean?  What do you think?



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