Positively Pink

I’ve got a new set of DyakCraft interchangeables. I’m so excited. I had wanted some pink needles. I am so excited, I think they are perfectly pink.

I’d buy them in dpn, crochet hooks and about anything else they develop. I did the best I could to get the real color.  The stops are really close on my monitor so the needles must be too.

I had some questions so I am going to add a couple more pictures.  A cropped one of the needles on a piece of white paper under a porch in the morning sun.    If you have Sunrise you can probably see the pink that these are made from.

And then one with my Bubble Gum.  I think both are beautiful.  If you have Winter Sky you can probably see the stripe of color that these are made from.  The horizontal needles and the stops to the right are a set.  The needles are pink, the stops I believe are Sunrise.  (Sorry some look dark.  My Hummingbirds kept dive bombing me so I had to hurry.)  The vertical needles and stops to the left are Bubble Gum.

Let me know if this helps or confuses.  I can try for better pictures.


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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