There’s an App for that!

If you don’t know me well you don’t know my inner Geek.  I love technology.   A year ago I got an iPad which I always have close at hand.  I have many of my knitting patterns entered on it.  Of course there are the ones that I downloaded from Ravelry.

I hoped there would be a Ravelry app.  But the powers that be, decided not to write for one platform and leave the others in the cold.  So I looked in to writing an app.  I wasn’t sure I had the skills to dive in head first.  I was still working on ideas when I found others have started!

I am really excited.  I hope it is awesome for them.  If you’re interested look on Ravelry for the Wooly Group.  Or go to their site: .

I can’t wait to have an App for that.

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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2 Responses to There’s an App for that!

  1. Just Nancy says:

    I got my iPads for pictures and as a knitting aide. I am so happy to see the knitting/crochet apps developed and improve.

    Now if I could find a widget for preemie hats donated for here and an app to showcase pictures of yarn I would be super happy. Maybe I do need to learn how after all. 😉

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