Would you return?

I see a lot of things on Ravelry about people not feeling welcome in stores. Lately I’ve had to listen to owner’s political views and was charged a different amount that the marked price. (That will be the last time I go to Westfield by choice.)

Then I was pretty much told that farmers didn’t need to market their grain for a good price, and ethanol is bad. Because Wall Street says it is. Note to that owner, I’m not going to Goshen again any time soon. Yarn is a choice for me. If we can’t make a living I won’t be buying their product. Tell me the cost of food, or energy is my fault, I will refrain from giving you a piece of my mind and my dollar.

Then yesterday a trip to Warsaw. The one shop was helpful. The other, well we got a suggestion about one yarn, then heard discussion between the employee and her kids. Later my friend saw the boy using the bathroom, door open.   Eventually the owner returned. They discussed bookkeeping, and went to the back room. She passed by us twice but never spoke. We decided to leave, and had to unlock the front door to get out.

Not sure why but I prefer shop where I feel as if the people recognize I make a choice to support them.

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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