New Year

I hope everyone had a great holiday season with their family and friends.  I am still knitting and seriously thinking about a second blog to have a place for IN caps to have a dedicated focus.

There has been more talk on Ravelry about needles.  I’ve had messages asking how they compare to others I’ve used.  I got out random needles again.  I do think over time wood and bamboo loose the tip of their points.  So, I made a point to get random needles and not ones from my last order.

This is a picture of several US 3s.  You can see what is stamped on some of them.  From the bottom 2Brittanys, DyakCraft, Addi fixed circ, DyakCraft, Addi lace fixed circ, DyakCraft, Two I can’t identify but they are the same brand.

From the top a circ I am not positive the brand, the Addi lace, Addi turbo (both circs) then 3 DyakCraft, 2 Brittany, 1 I have to Google, and then the other two that don’t say.  The bottom 5 have had very little use as I didn’t like them.  The top 6 I used a lot.  The metal lost their slickness.  I think because I knit with a lot of Fixation.  Or maybe it is something with my hands or atmosphere.  Or maybe what slows me down is fiddling with the cables.  I prefer a dpn to most circs.  I use the DyakCraft every day.

This is a DyakCraft dpn, the Addi Lace circ, a DyakCraft dpn and an Addi Turbo each in US 3.  I find the DyakCraft taper is more like the Addi turbo, not the lace but I find them to be pointier over all.

I have tried Addi Turbo and Lace, Hiyas, Clover, Brittany, Crystal Palace, Blue Sky Alpacas, K&A (? I think they were), and I imagine I’m forgetting some.  I compared some US 1s a different day, and would be glad to post more.

I have thought about buying more to have to compare.  But I haven’t seen many other brands I want to spend my money on.

And my two disclaimers.  My photos aren’t great and shadows could make the points look a little less perfect.  Also while I would love to test products, I currently buy everything I use.

Please leave a message or pm me on Ravelry if this helped you.  Or if you’d like more info especially about preemie/newborn hats or other items to donate.


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One Response to New Year

  1. Rae Lynne says:

    Great post! Thanks for writing that out – swung over here to read about them after the posts on Rav about the Dyakcraft needles. I’m really intrigued and think I would love to have a set of their interchangeables. The points look terrific. I love my KP points, but always looking for new things! 🙂

    Rae Lynne

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