Is a bad picture worth 1,000 words?

I know I am the worst photographer and I don’t edit well.  Here is an example of about 8 US 1 needles from my bag.  The blonde colored wood are standard well known brands.  The dark colored (blues, purples, reds, etc) are DyakCraft.  It might not be as obvious as I’d like but these points are wonderful.

I love this company.  American made, warrantied, choice of colors.

This is another picture. It isn’t as clear as I’d like.   I grabbed the larger needles not in progress.  These are all US 3-5.  All DyakCraft, out of my knitting bag.  Of course, size matters to the point in most brands.  These don’t look sharp as a sewing needle, but they are wonderful for the mm.

I swear by these points.  Just be careful.  I have actually left one in my leather car seat, and once in my hip.  They are sharp, sturdy and wonderful.

If you’d like to know more, drop me a note, pm me at Ravelry (I’m JustNancy there too), leave a comment.  I am just a happy customer torn between telling the world about this company and hoping they stay a hidden gem so everything is in stock when I want more needles.

I have more pictures.  I just got a new order.  1st a picture of the order.  I’m just a customer.  I love to test and compare.   But like you, am a customer.   So for now, I have limited brands I have tried first hand.  Some day, I hope to add to what I can compare.

In the spirit of comparing here are two more pictures.  First a collection of US 2.

Right to left: Hyia, Brittany/Clover, DyakCraft, Blue Sky Alpaca,  Brittany/Clover, DyakCraft, Blue Sky Alpaca, repeat.

US 1s  Colored needles are DyakCraft.  Blonde needles are other brands, some you can see the company imprint.


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One Response to Is a bad picture worth 1,000 words?

  1. Sandy says:

    Great photos. Those tips are wonderful!

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