November is Preemie Awareness Month

Hi everyone. I am so excited that I have a link if you want any more info on Preemie Knitting in Fort Wayne.

I know from friends how much they appreciate the hat or knit items provided for their little one. The parents said it was so nice when baby was able to look like the other babies.

Hopefully I can make the link work. Give me a yell if you’d like me to drive things down, or donate yourself. My hope is that you will consider making a hat or two for a little one that could use a hat.

I asked for permission to include info here.  I was told the first 5-7 paragraphs and then the link.  It is totally  worth a click.  If you are already inspired and just want the nuts and bolts here is a brief look.

How to help
You can take items to the Fort Wayne March of Dimes office, 303 Stable Drive. Its number is 482-4201.
Items for Parkview Hospital can be taken to Parkview Foundation, 2120 Carew St.; 260-373-7970.
Lutheran Health Network officials suggest you call to find out what items are needed. Donations can be dropped off with the NICU secretary at the hospital, 7950 W. Jefferson Blvd.; 435-7001.
Items for Dupont Hospital can be left with the NICU secretary at the hospital, 2520 E. Dupont Road; 416-3000.
Donations to St. Joseph Hospital can be dropped off with the NICU secretary at the hospital at 700 Broadway; 425-3000.
Please join me.  Knit your own hat, one from the blog linked here, one from Ravelry. Well hopefully you’ll just knit.  I’m off to grab my needles.

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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