Collecting hats for DuPont Hospital Fort Wayne, IN

I recognize it will probably just be me knitting, but that’s cool.

I finally made a contact with a NICU nurse.  She said anything would be used.  She didn’t seem to completely understand my questions.  She reminded me the babies aren’t very big.  I’m going to go with all the regular things I knit. (i.e. soft acrylic, variety of colors, variety of sizes, following specifics requested from other groups along these lines.)  And take down a bag/box as soon as I can.  Maybe I’ll have more feedback then.

Want to join me?


And I apologize, my replies are set to moderate, no clue how to get around that.  I’m not very good at the whole Blog concept.  If you want I’m JustNancy at Ravelry if that helps.

About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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4 Responses to Collecting hats for DuPont Hospital Fort Wayne, IN

  1. No need to apologize – most bloggers SHOULD moderate their comments. You get to decide which ones show, and edit out anything that might say more about you than you care to share. I, for one, don’t use my name on my blog, so edit it out of comments.

    Congrats on making a contact! The rule of thumb for preemie hats is to fit an average-sized orange; hats for full-term US babies should fit an average grapefruit. Both preferably long enough to turn back as a cuff so the fit can be adjusted. Best wishes – I find it’s so much fun to give away what I make!

    • justnancy says:

      I’m slow. And get things confused. 😉 Oh well. My intentions are good.

      I’m excited to be knitting. And I learned from the March of Dimes (from the Care Wear link) locally they accept anything (soft, baby weight acrylic preferred) so if the hospital doesn’t accept something I can swing it past there.

      The difference is March of Dimes presents a gift baby with a blanket and layette. The specific hospital I have in mind puts the preemies in a hand knit hat and sweater as soon as they are well enough. The parents we know were so excited when baby finally had real clothes. So I want to help there, first, if I can.

  2. pip says:

    what a lovely idea… knitting hats for newborns 🙂

    • justnancy says:

      I like knitting little things and I think every baby needs a warm head. Then possibly there is a keepsake of when they were little. (Or not.) 😉

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