Preemie, Newborn Donations

Several years ago I started working with a local hospital to accept baby hats.  That evolved into a crafting group.  There were distribution problems and I no longer participate. 

I still want to donate hats, booties or sweaters for little ones.  I’d devote a blog to it, coordinate local donations, find new crafters,  as much as would be needed. 

I have asked at lys, on Ravelry, and at hospitals.  I know hats are used.  I just don’t know how to get them to the right people.  (This is my same problem with bead donations at Riley for their Beads of Courage program.)

Anyone have suggestions?  For now I’ll knit on.


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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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2 Responses to Preemie, Newborn Donations

  1. If you’re still looking, check out this site: – they maintain a huge list of places that need preemie and newborn items, including each place’s specific guideline on what they can accept and who to contact about donations.

    • justnancy says:

      Thanks. I will. I had looked before and I’m not sure they list anyone very local.

      I decided last night maybe the problem is wanting to help in the area. (Pay back or giving locally seemed important.) But maybe that isn’t the point. I will check and see what I find.

      I’ve sent packages that took a fair bit of time, and never gotten a response. No word if the project was a success or anything. It has made me leery of sending things to a collection point.

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