Wild Weather

When you live in the country you get used to the weather channel acting like you don’t have weather.  You get used to not knowing what your specific rainfall, or temps are.  You even get used to not knowing what is really coming your way.  You don’t have weather spotters or tornado alarms. 

Last night we had left a funeral visitation in the next county and ran to McDonalds for some dinner.  While there a worker was saying she had called her kids and told them to get to the basement because another town had their tornado sirens going off.

I pulled up what I could on my LG phone that badly distorts graphics, sure enough, someone was going to get a storm. 

We rushed out hoping to make it the 30 minutes home, knowing we would probably drive up along the front of big storm.  Husband drove very fast and over 1/2 way home the rain started.  Blowing as badly as we’ve probably ever seen.   He ran over one limb we didn’t see and missed a really big one that was in front of us.

We honked at the neighbors and rounded the corner for home.  Limbs were down like crazy in front of the neighbors.  Holy moley we got around them, then our yard.  We thought the tree behind the house had come down on the house.

Luckily not.  We have roof damage, the pool fence is down, the slide for the pool is broken, and every tree is damaged.  (Twisted, not snapped off.)  20 feet of the top of our pine tree is missing.  The neighbor saw the tornado before rushing to the basement.

We know it will be considered strong wind, as even though warnings were out for 2 miles from us to take cover, nothing was spotted by official spotters. 

We cleaned limbs for over 6 hours today, happy some of the big lifting (20 foot hunk of pine tree) was done by a tractor.  I’m guessing tomorrow we’ll be feeling the wild weather in our backs. 🙂


About Just Nancy

I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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