Odd experiences at yarn stores.

I was at a yarn store today looking for some yarn and dpn.

First I was looking to choose my color. Then I went to look at the needles. I really went for the needles and would have found a way to make yarn I had work.

It looked like the needles were not stocked. (The regular employees weren’t working.) She said, you should have checked the internet first.

I said I’ve done that and had the item not be there. (Rarely but it has happened.)

What the heck. If I’m turning to the internet I might as well skip going to the store. And if I’m not going to the store, I will consider all the other options out there for fiber fun.

Good news is she did go over and look, suggesting that I should have checked all the pegs just in case. (That is why I asked if they stocked them in the size I was asking about. Then I would have. But if they didn’t exist why look through 12 pegs, when I had looked once already.)

She found the one set they did have. I was glad for that.

Between this and the rest of the experience, I am still scratching my head.

How was your yarn store today? 🙂


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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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One Response to Odd experiences at yarn stores.

  1. Kath says:

    What a lot of attitude you had to put up with! I just see over and over how local yarn stores seem to think they are doing us a service by opening their doors. Surely they realize we can get everything they have, often for less, through the internet, shipped right to our door??? I guess I’m a cheapskate (okay, that is well-established) but I am unwilling to pay an extra 10% just so I can feel the yarn and sit in an easy chair. I have chairs at home and I have a lot of yarn I can feel. Internet stores often have generous return policies that allow you to exchange or return yarn that doesn’t feel good after purchase. The reason you go to a LYS, if you’re like me, is because you want something NOW.

    I live in the city, which might as well be in the country, because the nearest yarn store is about 40 minutes away. I call before I trek over, but they don’t answer the phone! Not long ago I listened to their machine tell me that their hours included that day and time, but when I got there they had closed the store, with no rhyme or reason. So it’s not just you, it’s everywhere. Courtesy is a vanishing commodity, it seems. Customer service is dead and gone.

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