Ups and Downs as a customer this month

The economy has impacted us as it has most all our friends. I made two purchases this month. One online and one in a store. This was a ‘treat’ compared to my recent purchases of groceries and things. 😉

The online purchase wasn’t right. It wasn’t a big deal but I was frustrated. The company sent a correction. Happy customer.

The other was at a yarn store we visit every year at Easter. My mother purchased yarn there to have me make her something. (Oh, I guess I didn’t make two purchaes.) At any rate, she doesn’t knit. She ordered 5 skeins of yarn. Then I realized for what she wanted she only needed 4. So, I called the store. I was told the items had shipped. (There was a bit of bad customer service during this call, but I figured it was rare.)

Then after a week they didn’t arrive. So I called my mom. The yarn had to be ordered. Had the store told me I might have intercepted the order. So I e-mailed the store in case I still could. I didn’t hear back. So 4 days go by and I call the store. I’m told the order was on hold waiting to hear from me. The owner wasn’t in yet and was due in so I said I’d call back. In the meantime I get a call that my order is going to ship. I explained I wasn’t sure if I wanted the whole order and would call back.

I checked the yardage and decided to just have it shipped as is. The end of the story is that the owner got on the phone to explain that there was nothing I could do the yarn was special ordered and so there were no returns. I imagine she thought I knew this. (I’ve been to her store 3 times, and my mom has made only this one purchase). I’m still confused as to why she didn’t reply to my e-mail, or during either of the 2 calls that discussed the order (and changing it) I wasn’t told that there was no decision to make. I mean a simple comment a week ago that this appeared to be a special order and as such was not returnable.

I have visions of a light pink and gray sock yarn they had in stock. Not to mention at least 3 others. I couldn’t buy them all at the moment (except I was going to exchange the one skein for 1/2 of the pink and gray), but guess where I’m not into doing business?

I am sure I can recreate the light pink, now I’m wondering about dyeing a light gray. Anyone with any experience?


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One Response to Ups and Downs as a customer this month

  1. silfert says:

    Hmm… Light gray, light gray… I use Wilton’s cake icing colors for a lot of my dyed wool, but I’m not sure how the black would work for gray. I think it’s actually a blend of green and purple, or something like that. Couldn’t hurt to try a shot of it for a small-batch immersion dye, though.

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