Cherish your lys

I love yarn.  I am still on a quest for yarns for baby caps.  I was away for Easter weekend so I went to check out the options in baby yarn at distant lys.  I found some awesome yarns.  I also bought some that are now hats that are hand wash/dry clean only.  I know I should have read the care label.  But I asked for machine washable easy care yarn.  We checked several labels and I left those behind, repeating I was looking for machine washable because I don’t believe most moms of new little ones will care for an item that requires hand washing.  Why show me things that aren’t washable, suggesting them as great for baby items?  Do they not know their product?  Would it also have been great for a sweater, mittens,  shawl or what ever else I said I wanted to make?  Do they just sell anything they can get out the door?

I so appreciate it when I go to Knitting Today and get the actual item I am looking for.  I’ll still check out all the stores I come to but will need to either fly without a plan or double check what I am told.  I’ll be adding the rest of this skein to the stack of patterns I’ve bought for babies, that are actually toddler, and other recommendations that are probably great, but not what I asked for.  I hate that.


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