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For several years I have wanted to become organized with cap donations for area hospitals.  I have finally contacted one.  I know there is interest and am trying to work with them to organize.  Until then I am trying to get the word out.  Here is much of the information I posted on my glass site ( My personal focus is preemie or newborn caps.  I hope eventually others include Chemo Caps if that speaks to them.  I am open to any help I can get.  Group knitting, collecting finished caps, donated yarn, anything will be greatly appreciated.  My goal is to reach 400 baby caps as soon as possible because last year the hospital delivered nearly that many babies.  Not all of them are in need, but they all need warm heads.  Right? 🙂A few basics to start with. So far I have no specific rules from the hospital.  Yarn: I suggest they be knit of soft easy care yarn. My favorite yarn for this project is Cascade Fixation.  I can get two caps from a ball. I understand there are other washable cotton yarns with elastic but I am not familiar with them.  If you have any suggestions of brands or sources I’d appreciate them.  Patterns: Baby caps can be basic, ornate or adorned.  I have a couple basic cap patterns I’ve used and a few I have refined, others can be found online or at Ravelry.  I am hoping to form a links page for those looking for patterns in one place.  Until then drop me a note and I’ll share the resources I have. Anyone interested in helping can drop me a line.  Still with me?  I have several other ideas to promote this rolling around in my head.  Eventually I’m considering a website so people don’t have to look for updates here. Until then I’ll keep updates on my knitting blog (   One last thing.  Unfortunately this isn’t an IRS charitable donation.  I’m just starting out and would appreciate any help if you are interested.     ~Nancy 

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I knit, crochet, love color, love life.
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