One step at a time

I’ve worked fairly hard on the orange mittens for my daughter.  I got the yarn on Christmas vacation.  Found out that Cascade has a wool that matches Artic Cat orange really well.  So of course my daughter needed mittens to go with her new snowmobile coat.

First, I had to finish the scarf that was to match her hat and mittens I had given her at Thanksgiving to keep her warm on campus.  Of course a few pairs of socks got on the needles and now the orange mittens are almost done.

Soon I should also have pictures of the old style felted liners I am knitting for my husband.  Unfortunately that is a pattern that came from the same store I got the Artic Cat Orange (the Tawas Bay Yarn Store) and was free with yarn purchase. I believe it was designed for this store.  I expect it will be a big favorite around here for guys, but one that I won’t be able to share because it seems bold to ask for permission.

So I have something almost finished, and I have that new cream yarn.  It is wonderful but not for what I intended it for.  It is so soft and wonderful.  As I remember it is Debbie Bliss and made of alpaca and silk.  I was going to make mittens with it, but I don’t think they will turn out.  So, I will be thinking of a new project.

Till then I have a pair of felted baby high tops, a derby and a couple other items calling my name.  Guess it will continue, one step at a time.

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2 Responses to One step at a time

  1. lea-ann says:

    Hey . . . what color number is Arctic Cat orange? And, is there a picture anywhere of the felted liners? I can just envision my old pull on snowmobile boots that had grey yucky liners we would pull out and warm by the fire! Brings back the good ol’ days of snowmobiling in Alpena . . . and does this yarn store you frequent when you’re up north have a website??? TTYL — Lea-Ann

  2. justnancy says:

    Hey Lea-Ann, I didn’t realize you went as far north as Alpena. We go just south of there, north of Lincoln. I’ll look for the actual yarn band of the Artic Cat orange but I am pretty sure it is Cascade Quatro # 5011. It is so close to the coat the girl child ‘had’ to have, it was just perfect. So now she has a matching hat, reversable to an animal print and hand knit mittens. No scarf fiasco with this set. (Phew.) The liners. I don’t have a picture but I do have the website .

    I had been to the store in Harrisville but it closed about 2 years ago. Then there are two stores in Alpena. One has odd hours and was closed the other was largely sold out of needles and such.

    I was very glad when I did a search and found the store in Tawas. Future trips will include a trip there. She is right on US 23 before Tawas Bay. I think the site is mostly to stay in contact with people who go south for the winter. At any rate the liner pattern is a lot like you mention. I remember my bothers having boots that used them. Unfortunately it was free with yarn purchase. I have had a couple people ask about it. I suppose I could purchase more yarn sometime and get a spare pattern. At any rate, it was a nice day spent between Christmas and New Years. ~Nancy

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